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Established in 1980, the Ontario Chinese Restaurant and Food Services Association (O.C.R.F.A.) is a non-profit organization.  It is being led by a Board of Directors drawn from the most successful in the multi-billion dollar Chinese food industry in Ontario, Canada.

The Association's standing mandates are: to promote the Chinese food services industry; to maintain the Chinese cuisine in Ontario at its international level; to provide a non-partisan forum for dialogue and communication among members; and to negotiate effectively with three levels of government in enhancing members' benefits - dealing with the sale of food, health and safety, labour and employment issues.  The Association also works closely with the Metropolitan Toronto Police on crime prevention and recruitment campaigns.

During these 22 years, the Association grows rapidly from an initial membership of 45 to almost 1000 now.  So far, through the effort and dedication of our Board of Directors, the OCRFA has achieved the following:

2003 -    Organized 38th Professional Chinese Cuisine Certificate Program with George Brown College of Applied Arts & Technology.

2003 -    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) have a big impact to the Ontario Chinese Restaurant

2001 -    Important Notice about “Cooked South East Asian Barbecued Meat” from Toronto Public Health. The sale of these cooked meat products is intended for immediate         consumption.

2001-     Toronto Public Health began inspecting all food establishments in Toronto as part of the new food premises inspection and disclosure system.

2000 -    OCRFA invited Tom Wong to explain the “Disclosure System”, he suggested that everyone who works in restaurant needs to learn “Food Safety Program”.

1999 -    Organized Chinese Food Safety Program with Toronto Public Health;

1997 -    Organized Smart Serve Program;

1995 -    Organized Green Worker for Better Environment Program with Toronto City Government.

1994 -    Organized English course for restaurant's professional in July;

1994 -    Organized bartender course in June;

1994 -    Organized "Serve Intervention Program" to cope with the government health policy;

1993 -     Introduce the Associate Membership program which invite suppliers of restaurant industry to provide special benefits to our restaurant members, so as to enable  mutual benefit among business sectors. Until now, our Associate Members  include: wine company, brewing company, meat supplier, dentist, cleaning agency, barrister and solicitor associates;

1993 -     Bank of Nova Scotia's exclusive offer to OCRFA members a special Visa discount rate of 1.75%;

1992 -     Ontario Ministry of Agriculture (Foodland Ontario) and OCRFA jointly launched a project to investigate the feasibility of growing Chinese vegetables locally for sale to OCRFA members at discounted prices;

1991 -     OCRFA endorsed an insurance company to offer members various discounts in   insurance premium;

1991 -     OCRFA endorsed a national gas company to offer substantial rebates to members;

1980 -     Successfully negotiated with the Federal Government to issue temporary work  permits to Chinese visa students for employment in Chinese restaurants.