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O.C.R.F.A. Achievements

Every year, the OCRFA hosts and sponsors two major Chinese events in Toronto. Our "Festival of Flavors" has been a much-anticipated gala dinner event in the Chinese New Year.  We also celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a gala dinner and dancing around the city's harbour in our annual "Mid-Autumn Cruise".

The OCRFA also dedicates much energy in promoting Ontario's Chinese cuisine in numerous international events:

2003 -    Due to the SARS have a tremendous impact on the Chinese Restaurant Community
(Nov)    restaurant, OCRFA invite six famous restaurant in Toronto Chinatown to organize :  ”Chinatown Food Festival 2003”

1995 -    OCRFA participate in “Canadian Chinese International Food Exposition” and “Plenary Conference of the World Association of Chinese Cuisine” in Toronto, Canada;

1994 -    OCRFA sent a team of chefs from Ontario to participate in “The World Chinese Cuisine Spectacular”in Singapore;

1993 -    OCRFA sent a team of chefs from Ontario to participate in the “Taipei Chinese Food Festival 93” in Taipei, Taiwan;

1993 -    OCRFA sent a team of chefs from Ontario to take part in “International Chinese

(Feb)      Cuisine Competition” in Tokyo, Japan;

1992 -    The president of the OCRFA, Madame Sofia Ching, is unanimously elected as the

(Jan)      Honourary Director of the World Association of Chinese Cuisine, Bejing, China;

1992 -    “Feast of Chinese New Year 92”hosted and sponsored by the OCRFA, invited 16

(Feb)      first class chefs from spanning Toronto, Ontario; Montreal and Quebec City,    Quebec; and Vancouver, B.C. Seminars, demonstrations and banquets were celebrated by the visiting chefs in a cultural exchange featuring cooking      techniques, ice, fruit and vegetable sculpting, noodle making and napkin folding;

1992 -     OCRFA sent a team of Ontario chefs representing Canada to the “1st International

(Nov)       Chinese Cooking Competition” in Shanghai, China;

1991 -     OCRFA officially became a member of the World Association of Chinese Cuisine  (Beijing);

1991 -     Joined with five business organizations with a total number of 120 participants to  go to China for commercial and cultural exchange, then went to Taipei for     culinary exchange;

1987 -     Invited 10 famous chefs from China to perform in “Festival of Flavor” held in    Canada;

1985 -     12 chefs from OCRFA is invited by China to have culinary exchange in Beijing, Nanjing and Canton;

1983 -     Co-operated with Eaton Company to join the “Hong Kong Week”, doing culinary performances in Eaton Department Store across Ontario;

As a service organization, the OCRFA is often called upon by our members to solve problems specific to our industry. Also, seminars are conducted regularly by the OCRFA for our members to provide: updates on cuisine, restaurant management techniques, bartending trends, and current business trends to help keeping them up-to-date and informed.

The OCRFA is not only an organization for Chinese restaurants, we also expanded our membership through an Associated Membership program. Any company interested in the Chinese food service industry, whether a supplier or a service, can join our Association and be kept informed and enjoy many of the benefits as our members.

The OCRFA is a valuable venue for any company wishing to promote itself to our membership. The commitment from our officers, the support from our membership, and the brilliant achievements as enumerated above us to command a respect from our peers in Canada and aboard.